Shanghai Taikang Nanochem

Pudong new area,Shanghai 200120 China


Shanghai Taikang Nanochemistry Technology Limited is one new company which is specialized in nanochemistry technology developing, research and production. Our main product is nano-particles, drug carriers- hydroxylapatite(HAP), Nano Implants.

Our product used for Toothpaste, Food, Simple Artificial bones, Artificial bones, Medical devices and Bone coating, especially as an new bone substitutes.

HAP have good histocompatibility, non-toxic, non-immunogenic, and high surface area, strong bioadhesive,  to combine and transfer macromolecular drugs, large amount of adsorbed drug, with the basic requirements of the drug carrier.

Hydroxyapatite as drug carrier system can enhance the permeability of drugs in biological membrane, and that is good for drug transdermal absorption and exert its effects within the cell.

Nano hydroxyapatite as drug carrier is very safe, because its ingredient is same with bones and teeth of people or animal, and will not dissolving into gastrointestinal fluid, it will be degradation absorbed or delivered to body outside after drug released. Besides, nano hydroxyapatite could be added radioactive element easily in the process of production, can be used for cancer inactivated.

Our main products:

Hydroxyapatite Series (pharma grade nano-hydroxyapatite, food grade hydroxyapatite, toothpaste grade hydroxyapatite);

Graphite and Graphene powder;dispersion liquid

Metal oxide nanoparticles: silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, copper oxide, cobalt oxide, nickel oxide;

Rare earth oxide: tin oxide, chromium oxide, cerium oxide, neodymium oxide, yttrium oxide, samarium oxide, lanthanum oxide, barium ferrite, Zinc Iron Oxide, Nickel Iron Oxide, Cobalt Iron Oxide, Manganese Iron Oxide

Nano metal powder: nano-silver, nano-copper, nano iron, zinc nano, nano nickel, cobalt nano, nano titanium, nano-molybdenum, aluminum nano, nano tin, bismuth nano, nano-graphite, nano carbon black, etc.;

Nano Compound:Titanium carbide, Silicon carbide, Aluminium nitride, Wolfram carbide, Molybdenum disulfide

Silver nanowire;

tricalcium phosphate(β-TCP)

Add:Pudong new area,Shanghai 200120 China