Product Detail
Fullerenes C70
Fullerenes C70

Formula C70

Molecular weight 840.78

Purity 99%

Black powder

Packaging: Plastic Bottle

Safety Precautions:

(1) This product is a fluffy powder, easy to produce dust, please note that when you use protection to avoid inhalation;

(2) The product should be sealed and stored in a dry and dark environments;

(3) in the transport process, prohibit mixed with hard objects, non-throwing, light loading and unloading.


Because of its excellent free radical capture, optical absorption, superconducting semiconductors, perfect structure, DNA affinity, electron acceptor, efficient adsorption characteristics of embedded molecules (or function), has been widely applied to cosmetics, pharmaceutical intermediate body, health products, rubber / film material modifiers, high energy, composite materials additives and many other areas.