Product Detail

Specific surface area: 8.0-15㎡ / g

Bulk density: ≥ 0.2g / c㎡

Tap Density: ≥ 0.5g / c㎡

Compaction density: 2.1-2.4g / c㎡

PH: 7.0-10.0

Volume resistivity: ≤1.5Ω.cm

Moisture: ≤450ppm

Particle size: 40-200nm

The initial discharge capacity: ≥160mAh / g

First charge and discharge efficiency: ≥97%

Chemical composition:

        Li: 4.3 ± 0.3%

        Fe: 34.5 ± 1.0%

         P: 19.5 ± 1.0%

         C: 1.0-2.0%

Particle size distribution:

       D10: 0.4-0.7μm

       D50: 1.8 ± 1.0μm

       D90: 3.0-10μm

       D97: <20μm

The main application areas:

energy storage device

Solar energy, wind power generation system of energy storage devices, uninterruptible power supply UPS, with solar cells used as energy storage devices

Power Tools

High power electric tools (wireless), drills, lawn mowers, etc.;

light electric vehicles

Motor vehicles, electric bicycles, recreational vehicles, golf carts, electric push machine, clean cars, hybrid vehicles (HEV), the goal of the recent 2-3 years;

small devices

Medical equipment: electric wheelchair, electric scooter), toys (remote control electric airplanes, cars, boats);

other small appliances

Miner, implantable medical devices (non-toxic lithium iron phosphate, lithium batteries, lithium iron only to meet the requirements), to replace lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lithium cobalt, lithium manganese battery applications on small appliances.

Mobile Power