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Graphene Suspension in NMP
Graphene Suspension in NMP

This product is prepared using the improved Hummers graphene oxide obtained, on the basis of the use of a cationic surface active agent to obtain a modified modified graphene sonicated in NMP to obtain a stable dispersion of graphene. Concentration can be customized according to customer needs, the concentration range of 0.05 ~ 1 mg / ml. This product is a small-volume laboratory preparation, the solution is stable.


Color: Black

Concentration:0.05 ~ 1mg / mL

Single rate:> 90%

Thickness:0.7 ~ 1.2nm

Diameter:100nm ~ 10μm

Manganese content <100ppm


lithium cathode material.


precipitation or aggregation  will occur at the bottom after long time stock. and that could be removed after ultrasound 15 to 30 minutes.